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The Dubai city is not only known for its massive shopping malls and exotic infrastructure but is also a rich in heritage.It has preserved heritage from million years and it attracts the people who prefer to live in historically significant places rather than the ones that are freshly built.They are mostly newly build and almost all come furnished and are serviced as part of the rent. Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Professionals Dubai has an economy that is vastly spreading.Once you start a business and it gets successful, you will be able to earn loads of money through it.Your attractive tax-free salary can quickly be eaten up by rent, luxury goods, school fees and too much socializing if you are not careful.Too many expats get wiped out by Dubai and leave after their assignment with little more than memories. Driving Can be Stressful and Hazardous Driving in Dubai is not an easy task because of the abundance of traffic cameras and even if you commit a minor mistake you might end up paying a lot of fine.

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Serviced apartments are available everywhere in the city.There is always something new to do, try, taste, see, encounter or experience in Dubai. When you live there, you get a number of places to visit to spend your holidays. Luxurious Lifestyle The quality, luxuriousness and attention to detail in Dubai makes it a comfortable place to live, work and explore.It will color your view of the world too, and when you travel or go back home you will be constantly comparing everything from shoddy service to tatty hotel rooms with what you can get in Dubai. More Liberal than Other Middle-East Countries Unlike many other cities in Middle-East, Dubai is quite open minded when it comes to smoking or drinking.As being the business hub of the world there exists a never-ending list of services, goods and expertise needed in Dubai and the UAE. Tax Free Country If you have a job and live in Dubai, you won’t have to pay any kind of tax on the salary that you receive.

That means you won’t have to deal with the nightmare of tax deducted at source. Multi-Cultural Society People from different cultural backgrounds live here.If you are new in Dubai, driving a car might be a huge issue for you because the roads are built in quite a weird way.