Sign language dating site

22-Mar-2020 06:29

A community member asked a question about the use of sign names:"I have a question I have been wondering about for a while.

I want to select a good ASL 'short form' of my name to use.

Now my sister used to have very curly hair so because her name is Stephanie she used an ' S' in a rotating twist next to her head.

Just a suggestion.""In the Deaf community a Name Sign is a gift - it's something that is given to you , not something you pick for yourself.

I was thinking of using the "music" sign, but with a "C" hand as my name short form. It might have something to do with the things that you mentioned, or you could get something altogether different."I will give you an example.

For those people who are very familiar with ASL: would this be an OK sign? The woman that i was dating was hard of hearing, and she had a deaf sister, and her parents were deaf.

I am very musical: I sing, play piano, oboe and lots of other things. All around I am very creative and artsy and musical. I understand what you are trying to do, as it would simplify things, but a Sign Name can only be given to you by someone who is Deaf, or Hard of Hearing (i.e. The more that you are around the "deaf community", the sooner that someone will pick up something unique about you, and that will become your Sign Name.Then instead of having to fingerspell my name, they simply use my sign name."If it is someone new in the deaf community that I am meeting, then I introduce myself, I would fingerspell my name, and then I would show them my "suspenders" sign name.