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15-Mar-2020 15:36

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reaching out to her if you’d genuinely like to wish her well.

I’d keep the messaging on “I’m sorry to hear what happened, and I wish you the best in whatever you do next” rather than “I didn’t have anything to do with this.” The latter sounds oddly defensive (since it would be a weird thing for to assume, at least without more details that aren’t included here), and it potentially could be twisted as “I disagree with the company’s decision,” which isn’t useful for you to have out there, especially in writing and especially if that’s not true. How should a male manager handle inappropriate behavior from a female employee?

You have the legal right to organize with your coworkers about your working conditions; use that right to make it more of a pain for your company to ignore you than to keep letting this happen.

(Note that the law protects you when you push back , but not if you do it on your own.

Situation: New woman employee likes male manager, although he tells her he is not single and happily tells her about how wonderful his girlfriend is.

She gets him gifts for his home and otherwise, writes notes, and prints out pictures from work and work outings and writes adoring notes on them.

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Of course there are loose non-fraternization policies within the company.

So speaking as a group matters here, if you care about the legal protection.

But it’s also just probably going to get you better results in this case.) 2.

The issues of my boss letting us know early aside, the things I said in my conversations with my boss about my coworker’s performance didn’t exactly do her any favors, and in hindsight I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

But it was clear the higher-ups had already made up their mind.

Something here stinks worse than the dead animal, and that something is your boss.