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I just get all these overpowering indolic notes from this formulation. It was my mom's signature scent for the past 30 years.When I smell it on someone I just want to back away. She literally bathed in it, so much so that we refused to buy it for her as gifts.

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I opened it took off the cap and sprayed 4 sprays on me and boy was it extremely strong I was in awe over the beautiful smell never smelling anything this good in my entire life, I was just a few minutes from walking down the isle the music came on my daddy knocked on the the room I was waiting in and I took a deep breath and down the isle I went hoping I didn't trip over my gown I got face to face with the man who i loved with all me, he said his vows I said mine and we were husband and wife 7 hours later our family would be complete my babies were born also a day and night that I will never forget.It is probably too mature for me, and not my style, but she had really under-applied it, and so it was only perceptible on her in wafts. I am afraid my perfume vocabulary is limited and inarticulate.