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Each village and town had its own forms of ball games, running races, jumping, throwing, fighting and animal sports, which owed much to the fact that for centuries most people of one part of the country knew next to nothing of the other parts.Travel was so difficult in a group of offshore islands with a temperate climate (the British Isles), naturally receiving more than its share of rain, which rendered the highways impassable for much of the year in the days when only a privileged few could afford to travel on horseback, whilst the members of the limited middle classes had to suffer much discomfort in the un-sprung wagons and later the un-sprung windowless coaches of the times.At this time, sports meetings with running, jumping and throwing events were not uncommon in schools, university colleges and even military establishments.Such meetings had been held at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst from as early as around 1812, at Eton College from 1837 and at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich (from 1849 until 1853).Inevitably, Ernest Smith's temperament and his outlook on athletics would always lead to friction with associates and his endeavours usually ended in tears.It was no surprise that he soon left the PAAC after disputes over either the habit of smoking in the Club's changing room or his questionable impartiality as their handicapper, or both.

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However, the PAAC Committee felt that this was too egotistical and flamboyant for their fledgling club, and rejected his demands.

With a characteristic flourish, he presented a "Challenge Belt" for a Mile Steeplechase and a "Handicapper's Cup" for a 440 yards race.