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Please do read the two large Compatibility Notes at the top of the changelog below.

If you are only using the morph extraction to access the vertex deltas, this will not affect you.

Note that this release is not as big of a change as the jump to was.

The minor version number had to change because this release can produce Bit Knit-compressed files that can't be loaded in old tools and runtimes.

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2.9 was largely the version of Animation Studio and GState feature buildout, while of course there were a bunch of runtime and export improvements as well. prerelease 2011/11/07 Major release this time, as you can see by the shiny new zeros at the end of our version number! You might notice some differences between granny2and gstate.chm, let us know what you think!

It's been the tradition around here to take a few paragraphs to discuss what happened over the course of the 2.8.* release series when the version number bumps, but we have a lot of ground to cover in new features here, and 2.8 lasted over 3 years! All of Granny's documents will be moving to this style soon, so I'd love feedback from you on ways to make it more useful.

Note that the slightly clunky black boxes on the states indicate interactive regions. In the coming weeks, we'll still be streaming features into the tool and the runtime, stay tuned!

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Hang with us for a release, and those will be much prettier. (You *are* subscribed to, right? Please also check out the new GState documentation, which you will find in the "doc" directory of your distribution alongside granny2This release gives people a chance to get the current version without taking up the morph changes in the middle of a project in