Stravinsky ballet dating from 1911

13-Dec-2019 13:42

stravinsky ballet dating from 1911-14

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We must have done 20 ballets together, and I hope to do more." Planning began immediately for memorial programs.The New York Philharmonic, although unable to change its rehearsal schedules to include Stravinsky music this week, announced that the concerts would be dedicated to his memory.Between the early pieces, written under the eye of his only teacher, Nikolai Rimsky- Korsakov, and the compositions of Stravinsky's old age, there were more than 100 works: symphonies, concertos, chamber pieces, songs, piano sonatas, operas and, above all, ballets. As early as 1913, Claude Debussy was praising Stravinsky for having "enlarged the boundaries of the permissible" in music.Forty years later, the tribute of Lincoln Kirstein, director of the New York City Ballet, was remarkably similar: "Sounds he has found or invented, however strange or forbidding at the outset, have become domesticated in our ears." Aaron Copland estimated that Stravinsky's work had influenced three generations of American composers; a decade later Copland revised the estimate to four generations, and added European composers as well.

In an article in The New York Review of Books last February, he commented wryly on Leonard Bernstein's athletic podium style: "I have never seen him jump in 'Les Noces' and regretted missing his performance last fall." Igor Stravinsky: An 'Inventor of Music' Whose Works Created a Revolution During World I, Igor Stravinsky was asked by a guard at the French border to declare his profession. It was a typical Stravinsky remark: flat, self-assured, flagrantly antiromantic.

Stravinsky's power as a detonating force and his position as this century's most significant composer were summed up by Pierre Boulez, who becomes musical director of the New York Philharmonic next season: "The death of Stravinsky means the final disappearance of a musical generation which gave music its basic shock at the beginning of this century and which brought about the real departure from Romanticism.

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