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" he said, with a laugh."The biggest we dealt with was probably 2000 pounds [907 kilograms]. "She was calling me Harry Butler — a 'mini Harry Bottler' in fact.

I just didn't believe in killing them unnecessarily."The fishermen of North Queensland revelled in the freedom of the sea and a climate that required only 'Stubbies' shorts and sometimes a shirt."We worked mostly at night and a stereo going full bore was bloody great."AC/DC blasting out or ZZ Top. You cant really offend anyone when you're 50 nautical miles out."Sometimes the solitude was terrifying, as when Col ran aground on a remote part of the Great Barrier Reef.

But survive they did, thankfully."The Dalias E is now a recognised deep dive site, 50 nautical miles off Townsville.

Over the years, Col made some notes as well as keeping up skippers' logs."When all you wear is Stubbies shorts, you can only really keep one of those real little notepads in the pocket."I retired to Tasmania to write this bloody book I've been threatening to write for years (Trawl Tales and True) — and to race motorbikes."My worst crash was the one that ended that.

She discovered that she could easily make the dialing computer do the necessary calculations.

Along with the rest of the team and Jackson, she returned to Earth after Apophis attacked the Abydos pyramid through the Gate.

From a long line of land-lubbers, Col was shearing at 16 but in his 20s headed to Papua New Guinea to farm copra (coconut meal) and cocoa."I was ambushed at one stage by the Bougainville Revolutionary Army. He and his first wife, Diane soon moved to North Queensland where Col spent 33 years fishing for Spanish mackerel, prawns, even barramundi in the Gulf.

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Daniel Jackson had the opportunity, and was a prominent member of investigating the sciences behind it and developing the Earth Dialing computer.

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