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After their plan is thwarted, Galactus devours five of the Elders, assuming that his status as a being who transcends Death and Eternity means that he does not have to abide by Death's vow.However, Galactus finds the Elders difficult to absorb and Death is displeased that Galactus has chosen to ignore her vow.In the limited series Secret Wars II the entity the Beyonder takes human form and visits Earth.It decides to "save" mankind, and in doing so destroys Death, but is then shown there is a need for Death and recreates the entity.Death is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character is based on the personification of death.By destroying him, she kills every living thing in the Cancerverse, initiates its and the Fault's collapse, and even injures the Many-angled ones to such a degree that it will take them eons to heal.During the Chaos War storyline, Daimon Hellstrom mentions to Hercules that Death has fled their reality upon Amatsu-Mikaboshi triumphing in the realms of the dead, causing the souls of the deceased to be unleashed upon the Earth, and rendering the victims of the siege, whose injuries might otherwise prove fatal, merely locked in a deathless limbo.

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In a twist he appears to accept Lord Mar-Vell's proposal to be a sacrifice so the Many-angled ones can invade the 616 universe; however, this proves a trap set by Death herself in order to get close to Mar-Vell.

Subsequently, when three Elders – the Astronomer; Possessor and Trader – threaten to use the Infinity Gems to prevent the In-Betweener from hurling Galactus (with their brother Elders still inside him) into a black hole, the conceptual being responds by summoning Death and forcing her to negate the three Elders against her will, a transgression that Death finds heinous.