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Amanda returns from Sweden, having been taught a lot of new things from the country's team.

She is flattered when she finds that a surprise party has been thrown in honour for her return.

Amanda realizes that she has to prove herself all over again.

Amanda realizes how great of a musician Noah is and collaborates on a song with him.

Her self-esteem takes another hit when she is chosen to go to Sweden because, according to Kate's implication, she is a weak dancer.

Consequently, Amanda becomes an alternate, meaning that she will not be featured in any of the troupe's routines unless somebody gets injured.

Amanda is initially the stringent dance captain of Elite Dance Academy.Amanda enlists Emily to help her steal the Nationals money and frame Chloe.Wary of Emily, Amanda removes the key from Chloe's bag and plants it in Emily's when she is alone.Amanda steps in for her so that The Next Step can dance at finals.

She admits that she has come to like the team and that they are her true friends and helps them win.When you were at Elite and you first came to The Next Step, I was scared of you. Before you, all I did was just stick my foot in my mouth.