Tools for consolidating analyzing and providing access

19-Jul-2020 07:22

tools for consolidating analyzing and providing access-64

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At the recent DCI Portals, Collaboration and Content Management conference in Miami, Zach Wahl from the Project Performance Corporation presented the following facts: These figures clearly demonstrate that a significant amount of valuable business information is encapsulated in unstructured data.

The results from the categorization process are subsequently stored the portal directory, which is used by business users to locate and navigate information in the various content stores.

The categorization process works more effectively when the source data has associated metadata that describes its business meaning.

An enterprise search engine is another way to access unstructured content.

Although most database products can now handle unstructured data, the industry direction is to develop content managementapplications for managing it.

These applications typically use an underlying database system for storing the data, however.

The content management applications extend the facilities offered by the database system with support for business metadata, versioning, templates, workflow, business user friendly interfaces, etc.