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There might be minor distinctions, but they pretty much have the same typography, the same striping and so on.

But look at the Cowboys: The white jersey has block uni numbers, two plain stripes on each sleeve and no wordmark on the chest, while the blue jersey has outlined uni numbers, a thick, star-studded stripe on each sleeve and a "Cowboys" wordmark on the chest.

TAPE JOB Look on the back of any Cowboys helmet, and you'll see a little blue label at the base of the white stripe.

You've probably noticed it countless times over the years without even thinking about it.

In subsequent years, opposing teams periodically have worn white at home just to force Dallas to wear blue -- most famously in the 1981 NFC championship game, when the Eagles wore white at Veterans Stadium and won, thereby cementing the blue jersey's status as uni non grata. While there are other NFL teams that prefer to stick with one jersey, no other team has developed such lore and superstition around one uni element. Uniform-based rituals and mythologies are A-OK with Uni Watch.7.

SEPARATED AT BIRTH -- NOT Most teams' white and dark jerseys are essentially mirror images of each other.

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So come along as Uni Watch takes a tour of the Cowboys' top-10 uni-related nuances, past and present -- many of them annoying, a few of them admirable, but all worthy of closer inspection:1.No other NFL team has this kind of color confusion codified in its uniform design. Kindly pick one silver and stick with it for all applications, end of story.4. HOME WHITES AREN'T JUST FOR BASEBALL Wearing dark jerseys at home has been an unofficial football tradition for generations, but the Cowboys opted to buck that trend during the franchise's earliest days.

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