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Update (22-7-2015): Added update 5RC for Visual studio 2012.Since Visual Studio 2012 Update 5RC contains updates to handle TFS 2015 Team Project Renames, it's recommended for anyone connecting Visual Studio or MSSCCI 2012 to TFS 2015.You may receive an occasional error message here and there.To use the MSSCCI provider in Visual Studio you must make sure you have the correct Source Control provider selected.Pre Emptive Protection - Dotfuscator is available in two editions. The Community Edition (CE) is included with all versions of Visual Studio and offers basic application protection features. To connect to Visual Studio 2010 or higher from an older version of Visual Studio, you need to use a different URI format to add your server.

updating from visual studionet 2016 to-64

bitdefender not updating virus

MS tells me I need some sort of paid account to get access to older versions If you want to use 2017 visual studio with the current open frameworks just click c development and click where my mouse is on the right side of the screen. As far as I can remember it is not installed by default. When you open an OF project it will ask if you want to update it to work with vs2017's toolchain. If you want to avoid having to do this each time you open a new project made with the project generator, you'll need to make a small change.

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