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Then, tap on the login icon or any of the fields to change them.URLs must start with " or "https://" to open websites.Data Vault Logins allow you to open a website and automatically fill in the username and password.Logins appear in List View and Folder View along side of Items but they have different characteristics.Login URLs have been pre-filled with the login pages at the time of the most recent release of Data Vault.You should not change the URL of a website unless you are sure the login page has changed.Swipe the row of black and white icons at the bottom of the pop-up window all the way to the right then tap on More. When you go back to the list of Safari Extensions, you should see a black and white icon for Data Vault.

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To setup the Data Vault Extension, open Safari and tap on the Share button located in the middle of the bottom row of buttons.If you create an Item and enter the first field label as "URL" then Data Vault will consider it to be a Login.If this is not your intention then consider naming the first field label "Website" or similar.This problem seems to affect ATI video cards only, with NVIDEA updating their drivers to fix this.

ATI states that Catalyst drivers at version 7.3 or higher have fixed this problem, but that wasn’t the case for me.Alternatively, go to item details screen and tap no the trash can icon.