Updating oracle statistics

22-Sep-2019 04:09

System statistics are not gathered by the database.

The database comes with a set of generic catchall system statistics but they aren’t really going to do us much good.

" is the Oracle default and this option will analyze histograms on what the optimizer considers to be "important columns".

If your database uses all bind variables, it is best to remove and then disable all histograms.

Log into your database as a user with database administrator (DBA) privileges and type the following: The most common guideline is that you gather system statistics only when a physical change occurs in your environment, for example, the server gets faster CPUs, more memory, or different disk storage.

However, you might also consider doing this if you feel your workload has significantly changed.

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To gather fixed object statistics follow these steps: Log into the database as a SYSDBA user.The best practice is to capture statistics in the interval of time when the system has the most common workload.Gathering workload statistics does not generate additional overhead.Oracle also wants you to generate system statistics and statistics on fixed tables. First we will look at gathering system statistics, and then we will look at how you gather statistics on fixed tables.

The optimizer depends on various inputs, and one of these is system derived information.I have an Oracle 11g table that I'm attempting to gather stats on.