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04-Feb-2020 19:49

validating x509 certificates c-31

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The includes consideration for: In order to leverage the benefits of TLS it is important to use a TLS service (e.g.

library, web framework, web application server) which has been FIPS 140-2 validated.

The selected model is determined by the business needs of the particular organization.

For example, a VPN connection may be the best design for a partnership between two companies that includes mutual access to a shared server over a variety of protocols.

However, in practice client side certificates are not often used in lieu of username and password based authentication models for clients.

TLS also provides two additional benefits that are commonly overlooked; integrity guarantees and replay prevention.

If the web application may be the target of determined attackers (a common threat model for Internet accessible applications handling sensitive data), it is strongly advised to use TLS services that are provided by FIPS 140-2 validated cryptomodules.

The initial login page, referred to as the "login landing page", must be served over TLS.