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09-Jun-2020 17:57

weatherlink not updating wunderground-52

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You can start using the website without needing to host or reconfigure the script yourself. My family gave me a Ambient Weather Wi Fi this year and I've had my eye on the Rachio Gen 2 ever since.Never for a moment considered Wunderground wouldn't be included in the choices for PWS.First of all Gene, thank you so much for all you've done. Cheers, Gene @laminack let me know if your server supports SQL, the fix I'm working on now would require it.

In areas where there are several nearby stations you will need to use the scaling control to zoom in on the area of interest (double-clicking an unmarked area on the map will also zoom in by one level for each double-click).

If I use the PHP on my site I get:"ERROR: Not a vailid Station ID" I've copied the params from the wufyi url to make sure I was using the same info. Error seems to indicate that your $pws ID variable was wrong, one difference between wufyi and hard coded variables is that wufyi uses a "sanitized" string, meaning that special characters where encoded to comply with URL standards, you may need to change your $pws ID declaration into something like this: $pws ID = filter_var("Fexample ER", FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING); // change contents, keep quotes I've updated source code (link) just now, to include the fixes I've done since initial release.

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