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05-Oct-2019 15:44

Or, they might have heard that your spouse no longer believes what they once believed, so the church folks may as well go bother someone who buys into their malarkey. That may sound Pollyannaish, but I’ve personally witnessed it repeatedly over the last sixteen years.

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He knows he’s dealing with a child but he continues to communicate with you anyway.Although these are usually fun and harmless activities, they also present a twisted opportunity for individuals with less-than-noble intentions.Perverts and online child sex predators, for example, frequently use these methods to find their victims.When you asked questions, the answers seemed a little too slick and too rehearsed. Refuse to cooperate and you will find yourself in a bloody legal battle.

Sometimes your questions hit harder and your spouse reacted with anger or sarcasm, telling you that you’re paranoid. Maybe your spouse cajoled, or threatened, in a concerted effort to keep you from telling anyone what was happening.

Another sign that your online friend is a pervert is that he will venture the possibility of you having sexual relations with him.