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He became known for several catch phrases uttered after some humorous misfortune occured, including "I've fallen and I can't get up!

" after he accidently got drunk in one episode and fell off the edge of a building, "Did I do that?

He later in the season becomes the father of Stephanie Laurine Urkel, born in 1999.

If the show continued in its final season, he also would have gotten a high-paying job at an Internet start-up company where the boss reveals that the company would never have gone public without the hiring of minority employees.

Which was in fact, just a few steps away from the Winslow's house.

He enjoys bothering his neighbors too many times as well annoying Carl, Eddie and Laura on three separate occasions.

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But, the Steve clone was bothering everyone, including his parents (who had moved to Russia). He found out that she loved polka as much as he did. The reason for the break up was not only because Laura started to like Steve, but also that Myra was against his makeover and wanted him to stay as the sexy nerd she loved.Steven Quincy Urkel was born July 25, 1976 to Herb and Diane Urkel, a prominent neurosurgeon and his wife.