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Partly because I wanted [sings like Frank Sinatra] to do it wasn’t the way the record companies wanted it in the past. I develop relationships and friendships with these millennials who are moving into the business.

They wanted it slicker and shinier, whereas I wanted it rougher, like rough sandpaper grain. PC: I have Chris Bruce on guitar in Cleveland, and an upright player—Ross Gallagher—he’s 29, but he comes highly recommended by [drummer] Jay and other people I trust. I teach a couple ensembles, helping the singers communicate with the band. They perform with me, and I perform with them as well.

We phoned Paula to talk about the new album, the power of American standards, and her transformation from eager music student to benevolent master.

She'll be hitting the road soon, with a Cleveland date set at Music Box.

The daughter of two music enthusiasts -- her father a polka-playing entomologist and her mother a visual artist -- Paula Cole developed her own interest in performing early in life, studying both piano and clarinet as a child.

After completing high school with exceptionally high grades she made music her central concern, enrolling at the prestigious Berklee School and developing her vocal style through courses in jazz improvisation and participation in the school's gospel choir.

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For her second album This Fire (1996) Cole found herself in the clutches of Warner Brothers, the rapacious conglomerate having stepped in to assume control of Imago in the aftermath its collapse.Her recording credits during this period were rounded out by guest appearances on albums by David Byrne (Feelings, 1997) and Jules Shear (Between Us, 1998).