Why men stop calling after dating Free no registation adult dating

18-Jun-2020 19:17

As a single, divorced woman of 60-plus, I sometimes feel desperate for male company and conversation.

But it seems I’m not going to find a male as interesting, entertaining or lively as any of my female friends. I got divorced in the late Eighties and then met a wonderful partner, the witty writer John Sandilands. I thought a cruise might help me over the loss and — perhaps as an outside chance — be the place to find someone equally exciting.

They, too, have ­absolutely no animation, wit or liveliness about them.

This paper’s late columnist, the decidedly non-dull Keith Waterhouse, was well aware of the ­problem.

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Yet if you prise these women apart from the ever-silent hubby by their side, they will never stop talking.The women will be chatty, lively and animated while the men are in a corner, shaking a few sad, last, grey hairs and staring into the ­distance, looking at their watches forlornly in the hope it’s time to go home.

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