12-Mar-2020 10:59

She places both hands back on the wheel to quickly rectify the car and giggles when that car overtakes her and the driver rants and raves at her.

She looks at her hand on the steering wheel and notices how wet her fingers are.

As her step-mother Sue opens the door so they can go inside, they are greeted by Kim’s parents massive Great Dane Duke, who pushes past Kim’s father looking for Sue’s attention.

She crouches down to hug him, giving him a lot of affection.

Kim stands dead still, a little nervous of this big beast and she realises that she never put her panties back on and is hoping he won’t pick up the scent of her wet pussy.

Duke’s keen senses detect her arousal and he immediately hones in on the source. Duke’s a big softy, he won’t hurt you” Sue assures Kim is not so sure and holds her breath as the big beast presses his nose against her crotch.

Sue pulls him by the collar and apologizes and Duke reverts back to his loving self, paying attention to Sue again.

As expected, Kim and her parents chat for hours, have dinner and go to bed very late.


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As she lay in her bed, drifting off to sleep, she reminisced once more and was glad she took care of her need before arriving and then she falls asleep.She looks at other drivers and passengers as they pass and delights in the fact that none of them know what she’s up to as she continues working her erect clit.